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We provide SMS-identification of wi-fi network users, as well as a convenient and effective analytical tool for guest loyalty management. Apply for a 7-day free subscription and test the platform!
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Visitor identification

We provide full compliance with the law and guarantee the implementation of Russian legislative requirements, which obligate owners of public Wi-Fi access points to implement identification of users via mobile phone number registration.
Identification of users via SMS occurs only once, when they first connect to free wi-fi access point. Business owners have access to phone numbers of visitors, and can use them to send out promotions and offers.
Social network authorization
Motivate visitors to identify themselves via Social network, and crate database of your guests. Study your audience and offer promotions and offers to those who are really interested.

The platform is developed for:

restaurants / cafes / bars
car dealers
recreation centers
fitness clubs
medical centers
beauty salons
malls and shopping centers
public transport
cultural centers
public places
sports centers
schools and Universities

How it works

Visitor connects to free Wi-Fi network

Extended visitor analysis

Use information on your visitors to create customized offerings.
Classify you target audience based on:
Weather on location
Hour of a day
Device type
Years / months / days of the week
Advertising on the location (announcements, discounts)
New / returned visitors
Visit frequency
Social data (income, gender, marital status, etc.)
Operation system


Visit of engineers
Equipment installation
Software installment
Client cabinet settings
Creation of widgets, landing pages, etc.

Service Pack is comprised of the following


Unlimited quantity of locations
Customizable landing page
Optional integration with AdRiver
Development of personalized products (API)
Choice of a starting page
Polls, questionnaire and collection of data via wi-fi
Personal cabinets for partners (creation and management of locations)
Visits analytics and collection of user data
User connections statistics
Advertising campaign analytics
Differentiation of new and returned visitors
Real-time prognosis of advertising campaigns
Reports upload in PDF and Excel
Full compliance with personal data storage legislation

Communication with customers:

Retargeting of advertising campaigns based on visitor’s previous actions
Ability to choose list of locations for advertising campaigns
Targeting advertising campaigns by device type
Targeting advertising campaigns by user’s social profile
Targeting advertising campaigns by time periods
Ability to set up chains of several advertising messages

Additional features:

Ability of integration with large location networks
Support of 5+ equipment vendors
ВSeveral types of widgets (Static, Dynamic, Slider, Video, HTML, Pol)
System and data protection
Customizable drop-session
Customized to of 5+ languages
Family-friendly (ability to limit access to restricted web-sites)

Partnership options

Send request


Where do I start?

1. Fill in a request on our web-site

2. Call our managers +7 (495) 269 00 22
Is there any subscription fee?

1. There is no subscription fee. We receive money from third-party advertisers.

2. However, location owners will have to pay the cost of SMS identification of visitors.
Is there a way for the system to identify a visitor by his MAC address, so he wouldn’t have to enter a password on the next visit?
The platform does not require any passwords.
How to sign a service agreement with you?
Send a request to Please submit your phone number or e-mail address for us to contact you.
Where does the price of SMS come from?
We translate the SMS price of the mobile operator and do not charge any extra commission.
Do you accept payments by bank transfer?
Yes, we accept bank transfers from legal entities.
What equipment vendors does the platform support?
  • Cisco
  • Aruba
  • Mikrotik
  • HP
  • Ruckus
  • Whirl
Can I set up my Wi-Fi router myself?
Currently, there is no option of installing the equipment by client. Please contact us for instructions.